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Seagull Scientific Bartender v10.0

BarTender by Seagull Scientific, is the leading true Windows barcode label software program. This professional label design and bar code software tool has powerful features for compliance labels and integration with enterprise software. It even supports RFID tags. Yet BarTender is so easy, it gets beginners designing in minutes.

RFID Available Windows Vista Compatible Windows 7 Compatible  

BarTender 10.0 has been released 25 years after the very first version of BarTender, and it is the biggest and most exciting software release in their history. Introducing card printing, truly professional drawing functions and major user-interface improvements, BarTender now expands its industry leadership way beyond just label design and printing.

More information about Bartender v10.0 can also be viewed here.

For full details of all the other new features in 10.0, see the PDF below, or better, download the Trial version HERE, and test it out.

PDF - What Was New in Bartender v9.2
PDF - What Was New in Bartender v9.3
PDF - What Was New in Bartender v9.4
PDF - What's New in Bartender v10.0
PDF - Getted Started with Bartender - User Manual

Seagull Scientific Web Site

Seagull Scientific, the developers of Bartender, have a wealth of information about Bartender. We have highlighted some of the more important pages below:

Bartender Editions Summary

Bartender Features Summary

Bar Code Symbologies Supported

Windows PC Requirements (NO Macintosh OS is Supported)

Bartender Companion Applications

How To Upgrade Your Copy of Bartender - Either to a Newer Version or More Printers

Frequently Asked Questions

Bartender User Forum

Bartender White Papers

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Evaluating Bartender Label Software

The latest version of Bartender can be downloaded from either of the links below, installed and used for 30 days. After that period, it will randomly change 1 character in each and every field on the label, BUT can still be used for evaluation.
A NEW feature added in Bartender v10.0 SP1, offers true emulation of the various editions of Bartender (ie Basic, Professional, etc). If you download the TRIAL version, and then select HELP / Edition Selection, you can now make the Trial version behave as the selected edition.
Once you are satisfied that BarTender meets all your requirements, contact DataCol and we can supply a "product key", that will remove the trial restrictions, and configure the installed copy to the required Edition.


To download the software or drivers either select the Graphic Icon or the underlined title. DataCol ALWAYS carries the Media Boxes for the latest Versions of Basic, Professional and Automation (3 Printers). Product Keys for all other versions can generally be provided within 24 hours, and then the media box within 4 days.

Bartender Web Installer-v10.0 SP1
File Size = 9.7 Mb
This installer alows you to select the Edition to download.
Bartender Only
Full Bartender Download-v10.0 SR1
File Size = 242 Mb
Bartender Enterprise Print Server
Seagull Windows Drivers for ALL Datamax badged Desktop Printers
v7.3.1 - 12.2 MB
Supported Models
Seagull Windows Drivers for ALL
Datamax-O'Neil badged Desktop & Mobile Printers
v7.3.1 - 8.3 MB
Supported Models
Seagull Windows Drivers for ALL
O'Neil badged Mobile Printers
v7.3.1 - 7.8 MB
Supported Models
Seagull Windows Drivers for ALL
Zebra Printers
v7.3.1 - 16.0 MB
Supported Models

Always use the latest manufacturers driver for Laser and Inkjet printers. For best performance, Seagull recommend that their drivers are used for all Thermal printer models. These can be downloaded from:

Seagull Thermal Printer Drivers for other Printer Manufacturers

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Bartender Edition Summary

BarTender is now available in four editions that address a wide range of features and user requirements. The graphic below, shows how the older editions have been combined.

Unlicensed - This version can be installed on any numbers of PC's, and also allows printing to an un-limited number of printers. There is no support from Seagull.

Per PC Licensing Model - These versions can only be installed on a single PC, but allow printing to an un-limited number of printers.

Per Printer Licensing Model - These versions are licensed by the number of Printers that the software can print to, and allow an unlimited number copies of Bartender software to be installed on a single Network. All users PC's MUST be on the same network, and a single copy of a second program, the "Seagull License Server" must be installed somewhere on the Network, to control the use of printers.

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Bartender UltraLite for Datamax

Bartender UltraLite has similar features to BASIC, BUT this version is locked so that it will ONLY work with Datamax-O'Neil printers from THIS LIST. As it is for Datamax printers only, we have heavily discounted it from the BT BASIC price. This has to be the most cost effective way to get the #1 label design package for your Datamax printer. Of course, any label formats designed with UltraLite can be opened and used in ANY full version of Bartender.

1. All support is through your supplier ONLY, on their support terms.
2. BT UltraLite cannot be used as an upgrade to a full version.
3. BT UltraLite is presently only available from DataCol or one of our Authorised resellers.
4. BT UltraLite is only available with the purchase of a new Datamax-O'Neil printer from DataCol.

Includes - All the features of BASIC listed below EXCEPT the Print Station.
Omits – It lacks the same features as BASIC, and in addition, will only print to Datamax-O'Neil printers from THIS LIST.

Bartender Basic

Includes - Only the most frequently used label design features are available. These include all text, graphics, bar code, and most serializing capabilities. Useful for keyboard and scanner-supplied label data only.
Omits – No access to external data. No password protection, no VB Script customization, no string concatenation, and only limited text filtering. No custom-base serialization. Excludes all features omitted from the Professional Edition. No Printer Maestro.

Bartender Professional

Includes – All of BarTender’s most powerful label design features. Most of the advanced data access capabilities, including OLE DB and ODBC. Includes Printer Maestro, but it only manages network printers visible to the local PC. Fully network compatible.
Omits – No control from within other software. (No ActiveX, Commander or command lines.) No SAP, Oracle, or XML support. No job logging or e-mailed error alerts. Cannot export printer code templates. No History Explorer, no Reprint, and no inventory control of printer supplies.

Bartender Automation

Includes – All the label design features of Professional, plus numerous software integration tools, such as ActiveX Automation, enterprise messaging and Seagull’s Commander utility for cross-platform integration. Powerful data sourcing, including ODBC, OLE-DB, SAP, Oracle and more. Job Logging, History Explorer and Reprint Console are included, but logging is only supported to a local database. Includes Printer Maestro, but it only manages network printers visible to the local PC. Also has all available RFID design and encoding capabilities.
Omits – Does not offer the enhanced server functions, advanced integration, and web printing capabilities of Enterprise Automation (see below). No inventory control of printer supplies.

Bartender Enterprise Automation

Includes – Includes all of the label design, printing, and software integration features of the Enterprise and RFID Enterprise editions, plus advanced server functions for centralized printing and administration. Includes BarTender Web Print Server to print labels from any browser. Contains our most advanced integration features, including TCP/IP triggers, XML transforms, and XML scripting. Printer Maestro manages entire printer network. Job logging, History Explorer, and Reprint support local or central database. Track printer parts inventory and in-printer media usage.

Need More Information?

Seagull have a collection of "White Papers" on a range of Bartender related topics, and these can be found HERE, or contact us to discuss your requirements.

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