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APN 10-30
APN 30
APN 100
APN 60

If you need to apply a number of pre-printed labels to your stock, like a "Sale Price" or "Special Offer" label, then here's the solution for you. Datacol can now offer the full range of TOWA Label Applicators, through our reseller network. 

With their manufacturing plant in Tokyo, Japan, TOWA was founded in 1968. Over the years, they have refined and developed their applicators to be "best in class". Every TOWA Label Applicator can dispense virtually any type of label and they require no special liner tool, cartridges or cassettes. 

TOWA Label Applicators use an exclusive label edge detector which automatically detects the leading edge of the label ensuring that your label is dispensed accurately every time. All you have to do, is to wind your labels on to a 25mm core (our LABELMATE MC11 Mini-Rewinder does this easily) and then fit your roll of labels into the appropriately sized applicator. (See table below). Press the lever a couple of times, and you're ready to go!

APN Series - Fixed Sensor Applicator  

For Rectangular shaped labels

APF 30
APF 60
APF 100

APF Series - Movable Sensor Applicator

For any label shape


For ALL TOWA Label Applicators, the rolls of labels should be:

  • Wound on a 25mm (1") core

  • Core should be no wider than the Max. Backing Paper width (as above)

  • Wound "Face IN" i.e. with labels facing the core

  • Outside diameter should be less than 100mm.


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