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Thermal Ribbons

ARMOR has over 75 years of Ink Mastery and is a pioneer of Thermal Ribbon Technology. They have developed a range of innovative technical solutions to solve unique problems faced in every day applications. They have over 50 dedicated technicians in R & D and their quality department, all working to bring you the best and most reliable product. Datacol Solutions has been a distributor of the ARMOR Range for more than 15 years. In that time we've learnt the ARMOR product consistently produces a better quality result, than any comparable product on the New Zealand market. In many cases the only ribbon that worked well on a particular product, was the ARMOR one. From Datacol, ARMOR ribbons are also very competitively priced. We keep a range of widths in stock, for all 3 basic ribbon types. Our ribbon range is wound Face In (or INK IN) and can be used across the Datamax and Honeywell printer ranges.


Standard Roll Sizes & Materials

Material Types - Datacol Solutions stocks 3 types of ribbon material for use with Datamax printers. Their uses are:

  • Wax - For general purpose printing on Matt paper

  • Wax/Resin - For quality printing on Matt & Gloss paper, and some plastic materials.

  • Resin - For high quality printing on a wide range of plastic & synthetic materials.

Ribbon Selection

  • When selecting a ribbon for a print job, you should ensure that the ribbon is 5mm wider than the label backing glassine by at least 5mm.

  • Also, during manufacture, the label surface can be treated in a range of ways that totally change its performance. The printer will do this to make it easier for the thermal ribbon to key to the material. Therefore the suggested applications above MAY just not apply. We strongly suggest that you trial a single roll of the ribbon before you place a large order.

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