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                   Professional Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) Cleaning Solutions

Datacol Solutions is the NZ Distributor for PRESAT Brand cleaning products and we have been supplying these here for many years. This is a 99% concentrated product and is therefore designed for use on electronic equipment. Low water concentration allows for fast cleaning and fast evaporation, ensuring your assets are not damaged in any way during the process. 70% concentrated product is not suitable for electronic equipment due to the higher  water content and these products should be reserved for hospital settings only.

Thermal printers work by heating up very small "pins" which either turn the chemical coating (Direct Thermal) on the label black, or melting the ink off a Thermal Ribbon, onto plain paper (Thermal Transfer). On a standard 203dpi printer there are 203 pins per inch on the print head. These pins need to be in direct contact with either the paper or ribbon to ensure that the selected heat is fully transferred. If they can't transfer the heat, because of adhesive or other paper waste adhering to the print head, then a poor quality print is likely, as the ribbon is only partially melted, or worse the pin is effectively insulated from the paper, and over-heats. The poor print quality can be avoided however an overheated pin will eventually fail, causing a fine line of no-print running down your labels. This can only be repaired by replacing the print head. 

Keeping the print head and the roller under the print head (platen roller), clean will keep the print quality, as new, and extend the life of your print head. You should clean the roller and head as follows:

                    - Direct Thermal Printing- After EVERY roll of labels
                    - Thermal Transfer Printing - After EVERY roll of ribbon

As always, we have good stocks of all the above items. Please e-mail ( with your order.


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