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Once you've decided on which Datamax printer  you need, you'll then want some labels.


Here at Datacol we can supply many of the typical thermal labels most commonly used by the majority of our customers.


Label Selection:

In general terms there are two types of thermal labels – direct thermal and thermal transfer. Thermal transfer printing utilises a ribbon to print an image and direct thermal does not. All thermal printers can utilise direct thermal labels however if your printer has also been installed with a Thermal Transfer Kit then you have the option of utilising a ribbon to print your labels.

If a long life label is not necessary for your needs then a direct thermal label is a good economic option. If, however, your labels must have a long life i.e 6 months or longer, then you'll need to print thermal transfer labels with a ribbon. A thermal transfer option not only produces a more durable result but also a higher quality finish than direct thermal.

We have supplies of the most common blank stock direct thermal or thermal transfer labels, so please ask us for a quote.


Not sure what you need?  We'd be more than happy to help,

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